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AILFC is Stand for “AHMAD ILHAM LOGISTIC& FUEL COMPANY” which is established in 2003 is the unique private investment licensed non-governmental organization with a strong commitment on Logistic &Fuel area.
AILFC was established in the year 1382 (2003), AILFC by having full ability, adequate capacity for executing operational, financial, management and implementation quality, started its efforts for logistic service & Fuel supply in Afghanistan since 2003 in the field of fuel & logistic services.
From the Start AILFC has delivered its Supply/Service of logistic goods and Fuel by its Experience: on time, within budget, to your satisfaction. AILFC team has grown over the past years, but has always remained dedicated to this fundamental commitment;

Timani Watt Sarsabzi Square Beside Mohmand Hospital
Kabul, Afghanistan

Location: Kabul
phone: 0093 788 777710

Products: electronics furniture Fuel-Diesel--Petrol School-Kits Agiculture-Kits Winterization-Kits Medical-Kits Workshop-Kits--tools