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Amaj Afghan Construction and Logistic Company


An Afghan owned and operated company that registered with AISA,we believe will find reasonably unique to our industry, we have proud to have grown as a building company as well, thriving by aggressively the most interesting and challenging construction projects, large and small as well as by guaranteeing results where others would refuse to even accept the project, our values matter the most in providing our services to our clients. This taste for adventure and profound aversion and boredom is one of the thing that set us in a unique path, the second reason is the people how work here truly trust each other and believe in very open and mutual accountability, where most to the large building companies depend on system and policies as the backbone or their management, at AACLC we conduct our projects with purity, simplicity and profound result and we give our employee the freedom to think hard about what our clients need to succeed. We constantly embrace new ideas and every year we create several new business ventures around terrific new opportunities. Not only are we providing logistic requirements or building a construction projects either we consider a developed future of Afghanistan. The experience should be very rewarding for everyone and that’s all we care about, a better foundation for the structure of Afghanistan is AACLC. Whether it’s a small construction project or large one as well as construction projects, our work force have the necessary resources, essential, technical, expertise and devoted commitment to undertake large and sophisticated takes and projects.

AACLC is an organization that is especially setup to undertake reconstruction, relief and repatriation efforts for refugees and needy people, provides technical consultation for planning and implementing of architectural, civil and irrigation.
For the construction and development of war-torn Afghanistan obviously there is a great need for some organization with proper values and strategies.
The academic staffs of Afghanistan who are active in for working in further for their society from the design and construction group.
As the name of design in construction implies, the organization will undertake all activities necessary for the reconstruction development and rehabilitation sectors.
We have also planned to build or rebuild the shrines of Holy Saints and also historical places in Afghanistan.

1. To contribute in reconstruction and development of rural Afghanistan.
2. To encourage the Afghan people to participate in rehabilitation.
3. To provide irrigation water through the proper canals and ditches to the recommended areas selected for the action.
4. To plan an active role in the roads and sub roads to the villages and the rural areas of Afghanistan.
5. To plan and design of small and big towns with their proper systems (irrigations, sanitations, power supply, roads, schools, hospitals, playgrounds, parks and car parking).
6. To construct run ways in air ports and its sub ways.
7. To construct high buildings with modern designs as Arabic designs and European designs.
8. To make mobile houses of woods.
9. To make modern offices by European designs.
11.To construct Military parks, ammunition stores or depots.
12.To construct and repair power dams for supplying electricity and Irrigation
13.To make water supply by drilling deep wells of different types.
14.To give transport facilities for any department of government and non-governmental departments (NGO's, USAID, UN branches, US Army and ISAF).
15.To make provision maps and plans by different kind and designs.
16.To test loading tests of the earth.

4. Construction Section


5. Engineering services
 Safety Analysis Engineering
 Document Control
 Conceptual Studies
 Civil/Structural Engineering and Design
 Electrical Engineering and Design
 Mechanical Engineering and Design
 Geographical Information System (GIS)

6. Construction Management Services

7. Procurement Services:

8. Project Management Services:
 Estimating
 Progress Reporting
 Scheduling
 Cost Tracking and Forecasting
 Planning/ work breakdown Structure
 Value Engineering
 Project Finance Developing

9. Environment, Health & Safety Controls:
 Safety Analysis Engineering
 Environmental Policies and Procedures
 Health Policies and Programs
 Safety policies and Programs

10. Construction services:
 Construction Technology and System
 Field Engineering and Quality Control
 Industrial Relations/Safety/Security
 Construction Management
 Construction Equipment and Tools
 Operation and Maintenance
 Planning Supervision
 Management Consultancy
 Dispute Management
 Information Management

11. Inspection services

 AACLC has the knowledge base to provide the best Data Center design practices available in the market today. Our in-house RCDD staff works extensively with the client’s IT department to arrive at cost effective, reliable and Scrabble solutions.
 Our industry partnerships with architectural firms and other IT infrastructure designers will give the client a Data Center that is state-of-the art and capable of meeting the most stringent demands.



 Irrigation
 Test & production Construction Drilling
 Existing Well Analysis & Well Reconstruction
 Dewatering Holes
 Exploration

18. Logistic Section

 General trading
 Import and export
 Engineering T& P and consumables
 Travel and tourism
 Consultancy and real estate
 Commercial brokerage
 Industrial & commercial transport
 SOS & Relief Commodities
 Rehabilitation and furnishing of basic infrastructure
 Packed and fresh fruit and vegetables infrastructure
 Satellite, Computers. Telecommunication and electrical / electronic items
 Wood / Glass / Plastic Furnishing
 Industrial Machinery & Equipment
 Rental Services of Vehicles and Houses
 Constructional Materials and equipment
 Distributor of high standards

3rd part of khair khana, Gulayee park,kabul, Afghanistan

Location: Kabul
phone: +(93) 783-417516 +(93) 744 95 99 51

Products: Construction Logistic Transportation and-other-services