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Blue Fox Construction Company

Blue Fox Construction Company:

BFCC is private Afghan firm. Established in 2005 and is implementing Vertical and Horizontal infrastructure projects. Blue fox construction logistic has been in Construction Business for 8 years; our projects include constructions of building, roads, and Army facilities. Our team of qualified managers, engineers, architects, interior designers, procurement staff and our manpower are ready to serve in any part of Afghanistan. Additionally, we have our company owned heavy earth moving machinery, construction equipment and construction material supply chain which enable us to fast the construction process. However, we manage to register with AISA in June 2005 and now we are AISA Registered Company. Our company main office is located in Kabul with another branch office in Kandahar, Helmand but we can extend our services in any part of Afghanistan and we have ability to cater project of any size. BFCC represent the unique set of values which makes us different from other construction companies in the town. The board of directors of BFCC collectively possess over 21 years of experience in the construction industry in Afghanistan. Their deep belief is that self-reliance is achieved through continual development and improvement must serve as the underlying theme of all its corporate endeavors. In this manner BFCC is much more that a construction business, embracing the essence of Afghan society. Furthermore, the executive staff of BFCC has enough communication skill and community mobilization skill. Having this skill, they can work easily with the community and implement the quality projects for the community and for the donor agency. BFCC wants to enhance its activities and innovate in the country in implementing of model constructive projects.

Gulzad Trading Market 5th Floor
Baraki Square District #2 Kabul, Afghanistan

Location: Kabul
Website: http://www.bluefoxco.af
phone: + 93 (0) 700 21 95 95

Products: Construction Logistic Transportation bridge Road Asphalt Building etc