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East Arian Security


Knowing the importance of environment preservation and property from the damages, fire, and also controlling and transporting the pictures of strategic places with the auto installation of CCTV; Arian Security Technical and Engineering Group, having enough experience of doing different projects, is happy to do aforementioned services with high quality and the most reasonable prices.

The ASTEG is happy if you let it know of your decisions.

Design, installation and implementations of:

 CCTV installation ; Image recording and transferring
 Implementation Projects concerning Optical Fiber
 A Software System for Hotel Complete Managing
 Fire Alarm System
 Burglar alarm system
 Video door phone
 Aerial, video and central satellite
 Power switch
 Hurdle and electronic doors
 Vocal system
 Central telephone system
 Electronic displayer
 Pass controlling system ( Security Locks, patrolling, On and Off)
 Controlling system for Security of Modern Apartments
 Thunderbolt system and Arrester gear
 Central Controller of Lighting, and Accessories’ Electricity Current Controlling
 GPS systems

Projects Implemented by ASTEG:

1- Central Telephone of PRT
3- Fire Alarm of ZAFAR 207 Corp
4- Fire Alarm System of UN
5- Fire alarm system of ETISALAT Telecommunication Co.
6- Commentary CHAKHCHARAN fire alarm system
7- Commentary BADGHIS fire alarm system
8- Special forces PRT FARAH fire alarm system
9- The big project of SHINDAND Air port Fire alarm system
10- The big project of SHINDAND Air port Communication system
11- Fire Alarm Of Alfalah Bank
12- Central Telephone Of Alfalah Bank
13- Security System Of Alfalah Bank
14- CCTV Of Indian Consulate
15- CCTV of Herat Chamber Of Commerce
16- Central Antenna Satellite of HCC
17- Central Telephone of HCC
18- CCTV of Liberty Corporation Co.
19- Central Telephone of LCC
20- Antenna, Central Satellite of LCC
21- CCTV Of Super Cola Company
22- CCTV Of Military Court Shahin 209 Corp. in Mazar Sharif.
23- CCTV Of Afghan Pharma Company
24- Networking System of Afghan Pharma Co.
25- Fire Alarm Of Commentaries of Frontier Police in Jalal Abad
26- And …
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cell:+93-775013202 +93-799364720

Location: Herat
phone: +93-799364720 - +93-40256007