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Epix Logistics

Epix Logistics:

Epix Logistics is a non-political non-governmental private firm which provides logistic services to all organizations and institutions in Afghanistan. It is founded by Mujibur Rahman Abid and Wahidullah Ayoub registered in Afghan Investment Support Agency (AISA) under the registration number D-37243. This firm operates with and within different sectors and organizations in Afghanistan at a national level. Epix Logistics, as a corporation, believes and strongly stands for formation of a peaceful, prosperous, and stable Afghanistan through privatization, industrialization, and a free market economy. To this end, we believe such institutions as Epix Logistics should be involved in the development process of Afghanistan and be given the chance to make a difference.

Epix Logistics has a number of strong and well renowned business partners which boosts its activities considerably. Amjad Jawid Construction Company (AJCC), an Afghan construction company with a strong background and more than eight years of experience in implementation of some major construction projects is an ally to Epix Logistics. Similarly Habib Manufacturing Company, the first firm to manufacture plastic bags in Afghanistan, is also business partners with Epix Logistics.

Our Mission and Vision?

While most people believe that such firms as Epix Logistics are built for the sole purpose of making money, Epix Logistics strongly believes in evolution of a prosperous, united, strong, peaceful, and modern Afghanistan through privatization, industrialization and a free market economy. Further, Epix Logistics strongly advocates the culture of institutionalization and liberal democracy in Afghanistan which is a developing, third world, global south country. Following lists the objectives of Epix Logistics:

1. To have a developed, strong, stable, and modern nation state of Afghanistan with the ability to participate and compete in the open global market.
2. To make Afghanistan a developed country through privatization, industrialization, and a free market economy with no or occasional state interference.
3. To urge Afghan government to maintain close ties with its neighbors, south specifically, so Afghanistan can have access to international waters and connect this land locked country to a much bigger world.
4. To advocate the message of peace through our business deals and relations.
5. To make sure that the provided services be in satisfying and pleasing condition for our customers mainly because majority of our clients are Afghan institutions and most of our services affect, one way or another, the Afghan society and the more good Epix Logistics can do for Afghanistan, the more developed the country will become.
6. To bid only for those projects and contracts that Epix Logistics has the capability to carry it out.
7. To perform the responsibilities of a contractor in its best way possible.
8. To make sure that all the concerns and complains of our clients are given consideration and to assure their satisfaction.
9. To be as flexible and adjustable to our clients as possible.
10. To fulfill our duties as an Afghan business firm and pay all our taxes and dues on time and promptly.

For questions, call Mujib Abid at +93(0)700 669 099 or Wahid Ayuobi at
+93 (7)00 147318. You can also write us at info@epix-logistics.com

Location: Kabul
Website: http://www.epix-logistics.com
phone: +93 (0) 700 669 099

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