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Hekmat Afghan Construction Company

HACC Buildings & Roads Construction & Rehabilitation Co:
Was established in 2004 that was registered with the Government of Afghanistan in 2005, and Renewed Registration up to end 2011. HACC is a Non-governmental & Non-Political organization, proud of having well organized man-agement system with qualified administrative & technical staff consisting of expe-rienced engineers for implementation of projects; excellent Design and Estimation of Building for the development of Afghan community. HACC has a proper reporting system and is able to prepare financial report, narrative & monitoring report with monthly activity progress report regarding the being implemented projects for delivering to the concerned funding agencies. HACC has a closed link with a lot of organizations/companies as a Network of Several partners based on the past Operational groups, engaged in construction activities since 2004. The company delivers the best value in building services by placing expert con-struction Professionals on every project undertaken. Besides, HACC is consistently trying to utilize more values to the Owner of the project based on quality implementation, proper scheduling and on time completion as losely directed by personnel in central office and regional offices. The Company is committed to excellence in all that we do. We believe that On-time delivery of the highest quality projects for the best value is only part of the equation and cry of time. With our main office in Kabul and regional offices in other provinces, HACC is one of National competitive capacity owned company offering: construction, reconstruction management and design/building & architecture services plus Rehabilitation through Water Supply like schemes. These services are offered to both private and public clients and foreign agencies on projects of all sizes-from a single management source, having management capability of large size projects. Steeped in nearly a 5 years of experience, HACC uses innovative construction methods and problem-solving approaches to respond uniquely and specifically to each customer’s need.

The experience of the construction process is just as important as the fruitful results. We create positive, memorable experiences and lasting relationships because our actions are guided by our core values.

We are a forward-thinking company with a solid background of proven per-formance and experiences.
(HACC) company as your contractor guarantees high quality and integrity, our performance will create a demand for our repeated services, we are happy and able to provide. Each project is expertly managed and completed by a qualified and Conscientious team. They are trained to identify potential problems and respond quickly to minimize delays and interruptions.
Our Capability: We emphasize at the following programs:

Roads: Building:
Asphalt paving. Offices, Auditoriums, Post Offices,
Earth work, Bridges, Schools (Private, Public),
Concrete work, Banks, Hospitals & Medical Office
Grading, Buildings, Apartments Buildings,
Sub Base course, Private Residences, Guest Houses,
Aggregate base course, Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes,
Stone masonry work Parks & playground, Theatres etc
And Drainage. And Repair work.

Clean Water Supply by Pipe Fitting & Deep Wells Building Service;
Making Shelters for homeless IDPs and Returnees etc;
Making Community Centers for Cultural & Folk Gathering Programs,
Establishing Basic Health Units (BHUs) for Free Medical Camps etc;
Establishing Vocational Training Centers for Life Skills development.

Pre-Construction Phase: Construction Phase:
Planning Project Management,
Value Engineering Quality Control, Safety
Budgeting & Inspection/Monitoring,
Scheduling of work, Work Plan, Cost Containment,
Implementation of the Projects, Meetings, Warranty etc.
Monitoring, Evaluation,
Fruitful Output for the Community

Chara-e-Speen kalay khoshal khan Meena ,St Massjed Emam Raza, Kabul Afghanistan

Location: Kabul
Website: http://www.hacc.com.af
phone: +93(0)202561091