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Hekmat Rahim Bahar LTD

Bahar Agricultural Services (BAS) is the trade name for Hekmat Rahim Bahar Agricultural and Seeds Company Ltd. and Hekmat Rahim Bahar Company Ltd. which is registered with Afghanistan Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) under license No. 0101–18515. Agriculture is the main source of income for the Afghanistan economy. Despite the fact that only 12 percent of Afghanistan’s total land area is arable and less than 6 percent is currently cultivated, more than 80 percent of Afghanistan’s population is involved in farming, herding or both. This shows the great significance agriculture has in Afghanistan’s economy, and its people’s lives. Keeping this in mind, Bahar Agricultural Services (BAS) strives to provide international standard agricultural services in order to fulfill the needs and requirements of the people involved in different forms of agriculture and farming and also the agribusiness sector. These services include supplying Improved Agricultural Seeds, Fertilizers, Agricultural Machinery, Veterinary Services, Honey bee and Equipments etc.

House # P-40, University Road, Dehburi
Kabul, Afghanistan.

Location: Kabul
Website: http://www.baharagri.com/
phone: 0093-799 79 79 19

Products: agricultural-machinery Veterinary-Services Greenhouses Quality-Agro-Chemicals Improved-Seeds Agricultural-Training-and-Deve Agricultural-Consultancy Honeybee-and-Equipment