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We known as (HIKMAT HANIFI CO.,LTD ). It is a company which operates in 7 Main cities of Afghanistan.as:(KANDAHAR,KABUL,HERAT,MAZAR SHERIF,GHAZNI,PUL E KHOMREE,KUNDUZ ) This company was established in 1999 in Field of Human Medicines products and now importing from 2 countries (INDONESIA & CHINA) and from 5 companies of these countries .
And later in 2002 we were interested to move to another Field means to BUILDING INTERIORS & EXTERIORS MATERIALS BUSINESS . and we are now one of the well known company of both Businesses in every part of Afghanistan . we are importing BUILDING INTERIOR & EXTETRIOR MATERIALS from 5 countries ( TURKEY, CHINA , THAILAND, IRAN & PAKISTAN ) , we are dealing in PVC DOORS & WINDOWS , ALUMINUM DOORS & WINDOWS, STAINLESS STEEL, GYPSUM LAMINATED BOARDS , INSULATION PRODUCTS, GLASSES and ALL ACCESSORIES of mentioned items .

Dekhoja District 4 , Khowajak Baba , Kandahar Afghanistan

Location: Kandahar
phone: +93 302002739

Products: glasses Aluminum-doors-and-windows PVC-doors-and-windows STAINLESS-STEEL-WORKS GYPSUM-LAMINATED-BOARDS INSULATION-PRODUCTS