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khalil afghan construction & supply co

It is my pleasure to introduce to you the company profile of khalil afghan Construction & Supply Company (kacc).license number D-04-859 DUNS number 850509155 NCAG CODESQF 62 Over the last four years, we have had the privilege to partner with the Coalition Forces and different Task Forces of the US Army, the Royal Netherlands Army, the Canadian Contingent Contracts Cell and US based international organizations with several major construction work of army base facilities, schools, health facilities, wells, asphalt roads, room roofing, concrete pads, flight line taxi way, fences walls, pads, office infrastructure and a variety of other construction works at KAF and other Air basses in the southern region. We have listed attached some of the major construction works that have been completed. In recognition of the quality of our work and integrity, we are proud to have received several certificates of appreciation letters, which we will send some of the certificates. We have mentioned the type of works that our company has proven track record in accomplishing with the highest level of proficiency, standard and quality of work As all of our contracting partners have been satisfied with the result of our work and have appreciated our job, we assure you that we will not fail you in accomplishing any contract of work that we will have with you. We look forward to working with you and appreciate any opportunity.

ansari market office no#315 herat bazar kandahar

Location: Kandahar
phone: +93(0)798 454 367"+93700 355 168