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Zalal Mowafaq

Zalal Mowafaq Soft Drink Manufacturing Co. Ltd is a local, non-political, non-governmental, profit oriented and privately owned company that has been established with aims to produce soft drink items to the consumers of local market with the view of expanding the business and reaching every consumer at any corner of the country.

Zalal Mowafaq Industrial company established in 2002, Started with producing of Zalal mineral water. As per company's improvements and market request, the company raised its products to ZAM ZAM & ZAMAROD Soft drinks and MANI juice.
Thanks ti its consistent commitment to quality and costumer value, the company enjoys an expandable sales network all over the country(Afghanistan)
Zalal Mowafaq Soft Drink Manufacturing Co. Ltd has been legally established and registered under the Afghan Investment Support Agency (AISA) with registration number D-21576.

Pamir building, west of 29th hamal square, bank-e-khoon road, Herat, Afghanistan

Location: Herat
Website: http://zalalmowafaq.com
phone: +93795453000

Products: Zalal-Mineral-water Zam-Zam-Soft-drinks Zamarod-Soft-drinks Mani-Juice