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Perkins Engineering & Logistics Services Company

Perkins Engineering & Logistics Services Company
Perkins Engineering & Logistics Services Company is an Afghan owned business firm based in Kabul. It was founded in beginning of 2009 with license No D-34401 registered at AISA (Afghanistan Investment Support Agency) by afghan experienced experts. During first half year of existence, Perkins Engineering Services Company focused on organizing planning and business development. Perkins Engineering Services Company hired very skilled generators engineers & mechanics and as well as logistician
As a new business firm Perkins Engineering Service Company has focused on medium size business in order to accumulate working capital and build strong reputation as a company capable of expectation.
The Perkins Engineering Services Company's skilled & experts bring wealth of experience stable business. These experiences include power (generation, maintenance and operation) and logistics for private contractors, U.S. Military, Embassies, international NGOs & organizations.
Our company covers below services,
Power Generation:
 Supplying NEW and USED generators every brand (Perkins, Caterpillar, FG Wilson, Volvo and SDMO).
 Lease and rent any size of NEW and USED generators from 13 KVA up to 2000 KVA.
 Generator Maintenance Service, Repair, Overhauling, Installation and Commissioning Services for all brands.
 Related equipments & accessories (Jacket Water Heater, Changeover Switch, Main Distribution Panel, Battery, Power Cable, Fuel Transfer Pump and Fuel Storage Tank)
 Optional alternate related item: Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), Uninterruptable Power System (UPS) Generator Control System with all options.
 Consumable items (Air Filter, Fuel Filter, Oil Filter, Lubricants).
 Spare Parts: Genuine parts for all branded Gen-Sets and its accessories.
 Power Distribution Service include materials & fixture
 24 Hours Provincial Services

Phone: 0093(0)794 999 000 / 009377 19 400 24 / 009377 19 400 25

Jalalabad Road, in front of ICTI, Kabul Afghanistan

Location: Kabul
Website: http://www.perkins-engafg.com
phone: +93794999000

Products: Generators--Parts