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Rahman Rasool Corporation

Rahman Rasool Corporation includes of other seven active companies in Afghanistan, India and Ukraine, Our representatives are in Germany, France, Latvia, China, Dubai, Kazakhstan and Pakistan too
Our business: Rahman Rasool Export & Import, Rahman Rasool Logistic & Transportation, Tamas Telecom Telecommunication, Walid Rashid Ltd, Rahman Rasool Ltd., Walid Rashid PVT LTD, Sapedaha Agricultural, NGO SWSO, Kazakh Kabul MINING, Walid Rashid Logistics.

Office # 506, STR: Esmat Muslim, Shir Por Avenue, Near Administration of Haj & Islamic Affair, Kabul, Afghanistan.

Location: Kabul
Website: https://twitter.com/RahmanRasoolCO
phone: +93794356075 / +380633498565

Products: Telecommunication-Towers Power-Electronic-Tools IT-equipments-Office-Suppliers Furniture-Stationery Armore-Non-Armored-Vehciles Tractors-Spare-Parts Armored-Spare-Parts Natural-Herbs-Plants-and-Medic