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Royal Construction Company (RCC)

Royal Construction Company (RCC) is the unique construction company with a strong Commitment on construction area.
It is a personal construction company and it’s famous for its well-known reputation in the market. Provide the highest quality of engineering construction products with best material according to standard specification and working with national and international donor agencies, for the reconstruction of Afghanistan.
Royal Construction Company by abbreviation (RCC) under presidency of ( Alam Jan Ameni) took its active part for reconstruction and rehabilitation of Afghanistan as a nongovernmental and no independent and has been registered and with handed facilities started its construction works. This foundation as a nongovernmental foundation passes every stage and registered and obtains its lawful active permission from the ministry of Plan because our country has passed man years of war that caused too much desolation and damaged economically, culturally and technically in every parts.
And by the end of the war favorable opportunity, condition and time has come for reconstruction of these ruined states and destroyed places to be reconstructed, there for Royal Construction Company (RCC)to take its active and effective part alongside other foreign and domestic companies in reconstruction and rehabilitation of Afghanistan
Royal Construction Company (RCC) is a company which was established for the construction of Afghanistan in 28thFeborury 2005 with primary invest, $1000,000 by Afghan professionals who have expertise in the planning and implementation of relief and development projects, the ultimate goal of these organizations to take an active part in the reconstruction of Afghanistan.

We provide standard quality services in Construction of Civil & Military Building; Road and Infrastructure Construction throughout the Afghanistan.
1- Kabul: 15 Street of Wazir Akbar Khan, lane 5th Kabul Afghanistan

Location: Kabul
phone: 0093 (0) 708 92 97 80

Products: Construction Road-Construction logistics services