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Are You Looking for a Reliable & Professional Services with its Repair & Maintenance and `its Parts Supplies, Direct Marketing Services, Logistics, Laundry Services, Construction, Procurement, Transportation Vehicles/Lease, General Sanitation, Fuel Supplies and Mechanical Auto Maintenance?

Sana Global Group of Companies has recently made this join name as one Group of Companies but since its task forces since 2007 has worked through small entities and branches provided professional Generator Services, logistical supplies, Petroleum Supplies, General sanitation services with Constructions buildings throughout the country. Many of these missions involved critical deployment schedules as well as difficult challenging and hostile operating environments. As indicated by the extensive projects described in this section by our Group members and many organizations have depended on Sana Group of Companies branches since 2007 to provide best services with constant constructions essential to meeting their missions. Sana Global Group of Companies with their 6years bright experience, having 42 Professional men power, fully equipped plant &machinery achieved their client satisfaction.

Professionalism, integrity, honesty, fairness and Quality Orientation is an everyday SGG practice. It is our most sincere desire that your enterprise will be fully satisfied with SGG products / services.

Sana Global Group of Companies is intended to be of use to public services professionals and officials within the Local community and International community. But primary care trust is to serve with quality exert influence over the planning, goals objectives, procurement and delivery on time. Our goal is the best advertisement for a company is customer's satisfaction and we want to achieve it.

Jada infront of chaman hozori khost tower 5th floor

Location: Kabul
phone: 0093777394959

Products: Construction Logistic Transportation