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Stonex International

We have been launched successfully latest, absolutely new foreign technology, we are making Artificial stone tiles and other decorative elements for final touch of houses and commercial buildings.
Our Artificial Stone Tiles are based on concrete/aggregate, sand cement, construction chemicals and pigments, which are manufactured and designed according to International standard of quality with elegant colors and textures, which reduce construction cost up to 40% for detail please visit
1. Facing Decorative Tiles (Artificial Stone)
2. Interior Decorative Tiles (Artificial Stone)
3. Stair Steps range of colors and textured no need polishing
4. Car porch mat tiles various sizes and colors
5. Kitchen Counter Tops Low cost no need polishing
6. Vanity Tops no need polishing
7. Drive way stone slabs
8. More
1. Protect your building from sun heat
2. Reduce room high temperature
3. Protect your building from rain (Resist Seapage)
4. Absolutely water non absorb.
5. Can apply on old and seapage effected walls
6. Custom made facility of designs, color and texture
7. Really Low cost decorative product
8. Long Life Exterior and Interior
9. Save your Paint cost
10. Stronger and long life as compare to natural stone
Thank you for our interest
Adnan Rasheed
Stonex International

Lahore, Pakistan

Location: Panjab
Website: http://www.stonexint.com
phone: 00923009401878

Products: floor-tiles Facing-Tiles Decorative-Tiles Kitchen-Counter Vanity Stair-Steps