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Tamim Omar Road and Building Construction Company ( TOCC)

Tamim Omar Road and Building Construction Company (TOCC) is a design/buildgeneral contractor and professional manager of construction services. We deliver a wide range of construction services including buildings, roads, irrigation, water supply projects throughout Afghanistan
At Tamim Omar Road and Building Construction Company (TOCC), our overriding mission is to establish lasting relationships with you, our customers, by exceeding your expectations and gaining your trust through exceptional performance from every member of the construction team


Your construction project is a well- orchestrated collaboration between diverse specialists.Through real-time communication, we carefully coordinate every step of the process with client, architect, engineers, subcontractors, material suppliers, municipal authorities and other team members. We take sole responsibility for overall management of the construction process, freeing you to concentrate on your business
We maintain strict budget control in a number of ways. First, our purchasing power and knowledge of the supplier and subcontractor market allow us to obtain the best possible value for every construction dollar. Second, our adherence to cost discipline scheduling and critical path purchasing offer additional savings. Finally, real-time reporting provides you with sufficient lead time to make informed business decisions that further control costs

By including TOCC at the very beginning of a project, you benefit from our cost- saving expertise on such issues as site selection, local infrastructure, municipal codes, schedule, building material and systems evaluation. Early involvement also allows us to propose cost-saving alternatives that will facilitate operating efficiency and future expansions, while guaranteeing the residual value of your building.

TOCC has mastered the delicate art of concurrent phasing, which calls for overlapping the design, engineering and construction processes to accelerate completion. Often this means preparing construction documents as land acquisition is finalized and ordering long- lead time materials before the design documents have been finalized. The result is early delivery and cost savings.
The most important thing we build is relationships. Over the years, we have forged lasting, mutually rewarding alliances with clients, donors, architects and engineers. Time and again, they come back to us for experienced consultation, quality work, responsive service and attention to detail

Flat No. 93, 2nd Floor, Shirzad Market, Ariana Hotel, Mirwais Maidan, Kabul, Afghanistan

Email: tocc_const@yahoo.com, Tel: (+93) 799 371 963

Location: Kabul
phone: 0093-799371963

Products: Road-Construction building-construction