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Prepaid Phone Card, International calling card, Mobile Top Up or Mobile Refills for Roshan, AWCC, MTN, Etisalat and Afghan Telecom. We Top Up your phone any amount, we offer Scratch Cards with pin codes and direct Top Up, which means we are able to apply the minutes directly to the phones in Afghanistan as well. We sell Watan Calling Cards, which is the best cards to call AFghanistan from USA, Canada and UK or around the world. We also carry Ertebat calling card from USA, CANADA, UK, Europe and Australia. We offer Ertebat from USA and Canada at 15% discount. We offer instant pin delivery for calling cards.


Location: Kabul
Website: http://www.pamircard.com
phone: 6195199390

Products: International-calling-card Eterbat-phone-cards Watan-Calling-Cards Roshan-Top-Up MTN-Top-Up AWCC-Top-Up Etisalat-Top-Up Pinless-Phone-Cards