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Youngsters Construction and Services Co.

Youngsters Construction and Services Company has been in the contracting industry doing construction, and procurement projects for the last several years. Nature of our projects include – but is not limited to – construction of police training centers, district headquarters buildings, school and clinic buildings and irrigation projects such as canal rehabilitation, river diversion and construction of head regulators. Also, we are doing procurement and services.
YOUNGSTERS CO.LTD has its representative/support offices in, Dubai – UAE, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan and in Karachi- Pakistan. These bases are used for logistic support purposes. Safety is a key value and fundamental to Youngsters Construction and Services Company’s culture. Youngsters Construction and Services Company adheres to highest standards of business values, culture, ethics and our reputation for adhering to these standards is one of our most valuable assets and reason for our successes. Continually seeking to innovate and improve YOUNGSTERS CO.LTD is a unique engineering and construction company using a rigorous set of tools and methodologies designed with one purpose in mind – to produce dramatic enhancements in our work quality, profitability, customer and employee satisfaction, and leadership of business enterprises. Our past performance is the basis for our success today. We stand tall and proud because whatever projects we have completed has always been up to the expectations of our clients, which are followed by appreciation and compliments. Financially, our projects’ values range from as small as US5000/- to as large as US$10’000’000/-.

Our organization was established and registered with the Islamic transitional Govt. of Afghanistan and AISA (Afghan Investment Support Agency) by a management team of engineers including but not limited to Project Managers, Construction Managers, Structure Engineers, Civil Engineers, Quality Control Engineers, Mechanical Engineers and Electrical Engineers each having specialties in their professional relevant Engineering field in 2010.
We have valid AISA License # D-36151
We have registered our company online with different national and international organizations as followings:

1. CCR (Central Contractor Registration)
DUNS # 850488802

2. JCCS (Joint Contingency Contracting System)
Youngsters Construction Company (Vendor Id: 65432) / User Id: 72838

3. MoUD license and Registration
Registration No & Date: 246/239 2392/04/06

4. UNGM (United Nations Global Market)

Name of Company: YOUNGSTERS
Construction and Services Company

Location of Main Office: St 6th, Karte Mamorin,Dist 3rd, Kabul, Afghanistan

Contact Information:

E-Mail: youngsters_services@yahoo.com/info@youngscc.com


Office Mob# +93-786-293028

Mobile No: +93-77-2129934

Contact Authority:
Dip.Eng Mohammad Afzal Sarwari
Mob: +93-798-293-028
Private emails:
Office mail:youngsters_services@yahoo.com/ceo@youngscc.com

Mr.Zikrullah Zaki
Phone: +93-77-2129934

Location: Kabul
Website: http://www.youngscc.com
phone: +93 (0) 798 293028

Products: Road-Construction Engineering-Services High-Raised-Buildings Residential-Buildings Construction-of-Commercial-Pla Hospital-and-School-Constructi Bridges-and-Overpasses- Water-Pipeline-and-Reservoirs- Renovation-and-Renewing-Projec Maintenance--Upgrades