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Construction Companies Companies in Afghanistan

A comprehensive list of construction companies in Afghanistan. The list includes afghan and foreign construction companies active in Afghanistan. Most of the companies are located in Kabul, but also in Mazar-eSharif, Herat and Nengarhar.

Falcon Eyes CO

Welcome to Falcon Eyes Afghanistan where customer is right. Falcon Eyes Afghanistan is a young and successful company with talent and ability to proudly call every one of its projects a complete achievement. With a core focus on providing services to assist the development and long term sustainability of Afghanistan, Falcon Eyes is involved in Afghan Risk Management, logistics, construction, oil & gas and scrap recycling system. With offices located in Kabul, Kandahar and Dubai Falcon Eyes is strategically positioned to support your operations in Afghanistan FALCON EYES CO. is a regional organization with its head quarter located in Kabul Afghanistan. Its regional offices are in Kandahar, Herat, Dubai and Kuwait. FALCON EYES CO. also provides additional services such as fuel supply, scrap removal, catering, food distribution, vehicle leasing, logistics and maintenance supporting international throughout Afghanistan. FALCON EYES CO. is comprised of Afghan professional personnel and executive team that is recognized across the globe as some of the top people in their fields. They know how to provide best in class services while still offering best value pricing. Moreover, these selected professional personnel give FALCON EYES CO. a versatile and dedicated team to leverage against any new opportunity. Since 2008, FALCON EYES CO.’s bases of core service offerings and industry leading personnel have allowed THE COMPANY to experience tremendous growth and rapid expansion. FALCON EYES CO.'s dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction has been an integral part of its success in forging for itself a bright future and a unique place in the business repetition of high class service throughout Afghanistan. FUEL SUPPLY Supply of fuel Supply Of LPG Quality control Logistical support of fuel products, and related services. Falcon Eyes Co offer and supplies complete range of land petroleum, liquid propane with the local or specific specification to military forces, government entities and commercial sector clients. These products include both commercial and military specifications. Our chain of supply and fuel storage facilities enables us to provide high quality fuels and propane rapidly and efficiently. We operate 7 Bulk Fuel Installations with a total capacity of over 25,000 Metric Tons of liquid fuels and propane. The storage facilities are located strategically to enable rapid supply to forward refueling points in 34 provinces of Afghanistan. Our commitment to quality, excellent customer service and competitive prices has helped us gain the confidence of our clients and sustain long term relationships with them. We have established fuel depots at many parts of the country - even at the most remote locations in Afghanistan. FUEL STORAGE Falcon Eyes Co provides service to over 77 locations throughout all 34 provinces in Afghanistan. We have delivery points throughout Kabul, Kandahar, Jalalabad, Mazar-e sharif, Salerno, Gardez, Herat, and MES; Bulk Fuel Storages: Kabul 1.5 Million USG Diesel Capacity 30,000 USG Gasoline Capacity 500 Tons LPG Capacity Multiple Tanker Truck Upload Points /Download Points Herat 100,000 USG Diesel Capacity 1000 Tons LPG Storage Capacity Mazar-e-Sharif 120,000 USG Diesel Capacity 150,000 USG Gasoline Capacity 300 Tons Tons LPG Capcity Habib Shinwari

Response Engineering & Construction Unit

Our reputation for innovative, quality, sustainable engineering for all types of Construction and design.

Darwishyan Group

Trade ,Export & Import-Construction & Road building 7-Restaurant & Hotel 2- Logistic Services4-Fuel 6-Construction Mat Production 8-Econimic Developments -Water Supply & plumbing

Rana Engineering & Construction Unit (RECU)

Rana Engineering and Construction Unit (RECU)is an Engineering and Design company registered with Aisa (23219),in 2005. has good experience...............


Dear Respected Hope to be fine and doing well with your jobs, It here by getting your courtesy to present World Muzamil Logistic Services WMLS, WMLS company have the time to perform excellent performances regarding Transportation, Security services, Logistic services, Supply services, Fuel services, Export, Import and construction. For USA Army for UK Army for All NATO WMLS Company welcomes any services in each corner of the world for you; this email is for your humanitarian understanding concerning the above services. Sir Our Company Profile is Attach See the Attachment If you are not on the same way of business please contact other who you know them or work with us as the part of percentage. If there is any question please welcome Waiting for your confirmation response.

AKS Services Group

Afghan Knowledge Solutions (AKS) is a leading professional services firm serving international donor agencies, NGOs, and private companies operating in Afghanistan. The firm, registered with Afghan Investment Supporting Agency (AISA), has established and developed partnerships with highly reputable national and international organisations. AKS was founded by professionals based in Afghanistan seeking to create an effective and outsourced professional services firm capable of providing an exceptional service. These capabilities are strongly enhanced by its clients and partner companies, all whom are experienced in operating in Afghanistan. AKS works with world-class organisations on a variety of programes and its’ comprehensive range of services enables its’ clients to operate effectively in Afghanistan’s challenging environment. The firm has a core staff of twenty-two professionals and a further twenty-eight project staff operating throughout Afghanistan. AKS and its employees operate to the highest standards of integrity and transparency.

Etihad Logistic Services Company

we can supply and provide any kind of logistics services

Da Waghaz Construction & Road Builder Company

Dear Sir/Madam, With due respect, I would like to mentioned that Da Waghaz Construction & Road Builder Company (DWCC) is Ghazni based local afghan owned construction company and has been working since 2007 in Construction and Logistics sectors in Afghanistan and we have completed several projects in Ghazni, Zabul and Kandahar provinces through our experienced staff. Our main office is in Ghazni City and has sub-offices in Kabul, Logar, Gardez, Sharana, Zabul and Kandahar Provinces. We are dealing in all kind of Construction, Logistics & Construction materials supplies Projects. I will be very thank full to you for your this act of kindness. Looking forward for your kind response. It is worth to mention that DWCC Afghanistan is registered in JCCS website.

Rana Storay Construction and Architecture company

We have high experience in Construction and Architecture, in all provinces of Afghanistan,

Salam Safa Construction Company

Construction work

Mir Masjidi Transportation Company

Mir Masjidi Transportation company is an international transportation company founded by Mr. Jamshed Rahimi in year 2010 registered with Islamic Republic of Afghanistan - AISA (Afghanistan Investment Support Agency) under license no D-39264. We provide professional Logistics & transportation services, customs clearance and door-to-door services. Our management concept is to serve, surpass and share; our corporation spirit is flexible, diverse and innovative; and our goal is to establish a reliable, professional and efficient Logistics & Transportation solutions. Salang Europe Trading Co. (SET) is the parent company of MMT and was established in Kabul -Afghanistan year 1987 by Abdul Makhsoud Rahimi, SET became most reputable company within a period of 2 years by providing competing services to local and international companies back in year 1988-1990. Our past 32 years’ experience has made MMTC one of the most reputed company offering services based Transportation and Logistics throughout Afghanistan in year 2012. Since the establishment of MMT, we have valued the needs of customers and have so far efficiently succeeded in providing services “best among the rest”. We have a cooperative, harmonious working environment, a complete educational training.. We also have a young but experienced leadership team which led us to a breakthrough, based on the management philosophy of accuracy, quick, steady and cost-efficiency. Our mission is to become a global scaled organization, continuously develop and pursue business growth, as well to create value to achieve the effectiveness of cost and benefit. In addition to the overall stability of the business operation, the profit of the company has increased year by year, and we are now a reputable domestic company. We have gained the trust and support of various well-known domestic companies, and have earned our reputation in the transportation industry! Our success is dependent on each individual’s commitment to these enduring values and no success is worth the expense of compromising ethical behavior. In 2012, MMT established a branch in UK to provide diverse services to customers around the world, including import and export, and transhipment service, which are making the business more prosperous. As making an overall arrangement in the Afghanistan market is an indispensable strategic factor in providing comprehensive services, all the staff of MMT are looking forward to creating diverse professional services to fulfill the needs of customers, utilizing our many years of experience, reducing costs, enhancing efficiency and customer service with competitive prices, and making a good impression in the industry!

Unique Falcon

Unique Falcon is established in 2013,

PROSPERITYgroup of Companies

PROSPERITYgroup is a non-governmental, non-political and non-organizational private firm registered with AISA and other relevant Ministries and the registration in United State, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates is under process which is established to play its key role in different sectors like construction, logistics and consultancy services in Afghanistan. Having both national and international staff members with more than 25 years’ experience and would like to grow its business in existing and new international markets with a highly motivated, dedicated, committed, honest and hardworking team who have been actively involved working in 34 provinces in Afghanistan. PROSPERITYgroup is dedicated to the development of Afghanistan’s infrastructure by building roads, structures such as, government buildings, clinics, schools, etc. as well as supply door to door standard goods whether they are related to agriculture, irrigation, animal husbandry or medical, electrical, IT etc. in order to contribute to the quality and quantity of work to the international standard level, we are providing consultancy services along with the capacity building in different fields. And to contribute in supporting the Afghan economy by providing job opportunities for Afghans in order to improve their standards of living. At Prosperity Group we strive to whenever possible use Afghan made goods and materials if they meet quality and other standards required by the client.

Amaj Afghan Construction and Logistic Company

1. INTRODUCTION TO AACLC: An Afghan owned and operated company that registered with AISA,we believe will find reasonably unique to our industry, we have proud to have grown as a building company as well, thriving by aggressively the most interesting and challenging construction projects, large and small as well as by guaranteeing results where others would refuse to even accept the project, our values matter the most in providing our services to our clients. This taste for adventure and profound aversion and boredom is one of the thing that set us in a unique path, the second reason is the people how work here truly trust each other and believe in very open and mutual accountability, where most to the large building companies depend on system and policies as the backbone or their management, at AACLC we conduct our projects with purity, simplicity and profound result and we give our employee the freedom to think hard about what our clients need to succeed. We constantly embrace new ideas and every year we create several new business ventures around terrific new opportunities. Not only are we providing logistic requirements or building a construction projects either we consider a developed future of Afghanistan. The experience should be very rewarding for everyone and that’s all we care about, a better foundation for the structure of Afghanistan is AACLC. Whether it’s a small construction project or large one as well as construction projects, our work force have the necessary resources, essential, technical, expertise and devoted commitment to undertake large and sophisticated takes and projects. 2. CHARACTER OF ORGANIZATION: AACLC is an organization that is especially setup to undertake reconstruction, relief and repatriation efforts for refugees and needy people, provides technical consultation for planning and implementing of architectural, civil and irrigation. For the construction and development of war-torn Afghanistan obviously there is a great need for some organization with proper values and strategies. The academic staffs of Afghanistan who are active in for working in further for their society from the design and construction group. As the name of design in construction implies, the organization will undertake all activities necessary for the reconstruction development and rehabilitation sectors. We have also planned to build or rebuild the shrines of Holy Saints and also historical places in Afghanistan. 3. AIM OF ORGANIZATION: 1. To contribute in reconstruction and development of rural Afghanistan. 2. To encourage the Afghan people to participate in rehabilitation. 3. To provide irrigation water through the proper canals and ditches to the recommended areas selected for the action. 4. To plan an active role in the roads and sub roads to the villages and the rural areas of Afghanistan. 5. To plan and design of small and big towns with their proper systems (irrigations, sanitations, power supply, roads, schools, hospitals, playgrounds, parks and car parking). 6. To construct run ways in air ports and its sub ways. 7. To construct high buildings with modern designs as Arabic designs and European designs. 8. To make mobile houses of woods. 9. To make modern offices by European designs. 11.To construct Military parks, ammunition stores or depots. 12.To construct and repair power dams for supplying electricity and Irrigation 13.To make water supply by drilling deep wells of different types. 14.To give transport facilities for any department of government and non-governmental departments (NGO's, USAID, UN branches, US Army and ISAF). 15.To make provision maps and plans by different kind and designs. 16.To test loading tests of the earth. 4. Construction Section Services 5. Engineering services  Safety Analysis Engineering  Document Control  Conceptual Studies  Civil/Structural Engineering and Design  Electrical Engineering and Design  Mechanical Engineering and Design  Geographical Information System (GIS) 6. Construction Management Services 7. Procurement Services: 8. Project Management Services:  Estimating  Progress Reporting  Scheduling  Cost Tracking and Forecasting  Planning/ work breakdown Structure  Value Engineering  Project Finance Developing 9. Environment, Health & Safety Controls:  Safety Analysis Engineering  Environmental Policies and Procedures  Health Policies and Programs  Safety policies and Programs 10. Construction services:  Construction Technology and System  Field Engineering and Quality Control  Industrial Relations/Safety/Security  Construction Management  Construction Equipment and Tools  Operation and Maintenance  Planning Supervision  Management Consultancy  Dispute Management  Information Management 11. Inspection services 12. NETWORKING SERVICES 13. NETWORK EFFICIENCY 14. DATA CENTER DESIGN  AACLC has the knowledge base to provide the best Data Center design practices available in the market today. Our in-house RCDD staff works extensively with the client’s IT department to arrive at cost effective, reliable and Scrabble solutions.  Our industry partnerships with architectural firms and other IT infrastructure designers will give the client a Data Center that is state-of-the art and capable of meeting the most stringent demands. 15. WIRELESS NETWORK DESIGN 16. DRILLING SERVICES 17. WATER INFRASTRUCTURE & DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS:  Irrigation  Test & production Construction Drilling  Existing Well Analysis & Well Reconstruction  Dewatering Holes  Exploration 18. Logistic Section  General trading  Import and export  Engineering T& P and consumables  Travel and tourism  Consultancy and real estate  Commercial brokerage  Industrial & commercial transport  SOS & Relief Commodities  Rehabilitation and furnishing of basic infrastructure  Packed and fresh fruit and vegetables infrastructure  Satellite, Computers. Telecommunication and electrical / electronic items  Wood / Glass / Plastic Furnishing  Industrial Machinery & Equipment  Rental Services of Vehicles and Houses  Constructional Materials and equipment  Distributor of high standards

Ultimate Access Construction-Logistic & Transportation Companies

ULTIMATE ACCESS Group of Companies has been founded registered and obtained its legal working permits from the relevant authorities in 2006 from Kabul Afghanistan. Since then, the Company has practically started playing its significant role in the process of the war torn country in the field of road and building construction in the capital Kabul and some other provinces of Afghanistan. The company however in the starting period of its operation in the filled of construction had to face some unprecedented challenges and severe problems due to non availability professional and skilled personal and lack of trusted building materials, but due to untiring efforts, dedication and sense of patriotism of the management of the company we could successfully overcome the obstacles and meet the challenges of those problems to achieve the goals and positive results from the performances accomplished every company should be managed, equipped and supported by comparatively competitive professional and skilled personal, state of the art machinery and adequate financial support. Consequently UA had always tried to hire and employ highly qualified and experienced engineers architects, designers, managerial staff and skilled workers who have been working constantly with the company with complete devotion, sincerity, dedication and honesty. The company had employed energetic skilled and capable team of technical personals to undertake all sorts of construction in the field of civil, electrical, mechanical and road net work. In order to produce and achieve high standard quality work in the construction of high ways and housing projects the company had inducted experienced technical and professional team from foreign countries e.g. Pakistan and India.

Heemat Barak Logistic Co. HBCC

Logistice, sevices, Construction, Supply and transportation

Brishna Asia electrical & Logistic and Construction LTD

Brishna Asia electrical & Logistic and Construction LTD

Global Peace Logistic Service (G.P.L.S)

Welcome to G.P.L.S! Global Peace and Logistics Services (G.P.L.S) is a 100 % Afghan owned company with headquarters in Kabul, registered with the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA). Working as a young company, we have always been passionate about building long-term relationships. We treat our clients like family, with all respect, honesty and integrity such a relationship entails. We are providing logistical solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of the today's demanding business environment. And no matter how small or large the project is, G.P.L.S. has the resources to ensure high quality solutions any time, even on short notice. G.P.L.S possesses perhaps of the most qualified, knowledgeable and well-respected personnel in the Afghan logistics industry today. As an experienced consulting firm, G.P.L.S is very familiar with all types of services available in the logistics industry, and we know how to make the best use of them. We are result-driven, we have a passion for excellence, and we are proud of the reputation we have earned and the recommendations we have received. The combination of quality service and competitive pricing is a clear advantage for you.

Falcon Innovative Engineering Builders Co

Falcon Innovative Engineering Builders Co (FIEBC) is a newly established Afghan company headquartered in Kabul. Regional offices will soon open in North, West and East Afghanistan. Insitutional Niche Falcon Innovative Engineering Builders Co, FIEBC’s strength lies in the promotion of international standardization codes by building the capacity of local entities through short and long-term construction projects. Falcon Innovative Engineering Builders Co strives to ensure that all Western construction measures, and international standards and codes, are adhered to within the Afghan context. What sets FIEBC apart from other companies is its desire to create a new benchmark for construction in Afghanistan.

Adnan Alham Construciton Company

Construction, and construction materials production

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