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Consulting Companies in Afghanistan

The AffghanBiz.com is trying hard for build a comprehensive list of Afghan Consulting companies. belew you fid the list companies, wich have apprived yet.

Afghanistan Holding Group

Afghanistan Holding Group is an employee-owned company founded on 1 January 2009, providing inter-related professional business services including taxation, accounting, training and strategic management consulting, monitoring and evaluation, and research. AHG employs over 110 full-time highly qualified Afghans, calling on an additional pool of high caliber international consultants to provide project specific support. We strive to serve our clients with the highest levels of efficiency, integrity, and accountability.

Unique Falcon

Unique Falcon is established in 2013,

Fact Translation Service Company

  Fact Translation Service is a registered and recognized full service language company serving enterprises, government organizations, non-governmental entities, military groups and humanitarian missions since early 2010. We specialize in offering language related services to our clients for Afghanistan's main languages, including translation and interpretation in Dari, Pashto (or Pashtu), Farsi (or Persian), languages as well as all other major and rare language combinations. We have established a reputation of success and have a long list of happy long-term clients since our launch in early 2010. We have provided translation, transcription, interpretation and editing services to a large number of clients in Afghanistan and at global level. Through years of hard work and dedication we have been able to accomplish the quality and service level milestones that were originally defined in our business objectives. In other words we will go above and beyond your expectations in terms of quality of service and the product and, we will deliver before or right on your deadline. That makes us very unique in the industry. Similarly the language combinations that we support have also grown from our initial offering of Dari, Pashto. As was the case in the past, we still focus on the few languages that we specialize in and have built an expertise for, but we are also constantly expanding our portfolio. By establishing partnerships and acquiring resources globally we are exposing our exceptional resources to a wider client base. Our Mission and Purpose: “To assist corporations and individuals in global communication and expansion; to aid in the preservation of all languages worldwide; and to help everyone understand each other better. We strive daily to accomplish these goals by providing perfect translations, interpretations, and overall customer service every time no matter how big or small the project. ” With the globalization of businesses and ease of travel and communication, translation services have become very useful and necessary tool in expanding worldwide or in catering to your present international mix of clients and customers. By translating your documents or files into several different languages, you will be able to make your business truly global, supplying limitless potentials for additional business and profits.   At Fact Translations, we commit to our company's mission and purpose. Fact Translations aims to alleviate the stress of having to finish the translation of large amount of documents to meet a short deadline. And whether your project is big or small, the accuracy and high quality translation is maintained. Our team of expertly trained, certified translators is dedicated to providing world-class results that will ascertain customers' loyalty. Fact Translations, Incorporated offers your company with the necessary tools to effectively communicate with your fellow employees and customers in their language. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Quality, Accuracy, Quick Delivery, and great Customer Service!  At Fact Translations Services Company, your translation is guaranteed accurate. To maintain the highest quality translations, we employ a 5-step quality and accuracy control process on each and every translation. We assign your translation to the team which is specifically trained for your type of translation, i.e. legal translation team or medical translation team. We then make sure that your document is read thoroughly every time before translating it. After reading and "understanding" your document, we begin the translation, making sure to put thought, creativity, and special attention into the meaning, underlying nuances, and flow of the document. We then format everything to be a mirror-image of your original document. Mirror-image formatting is very important to us as it helps compare the documents (original and translated) side by side and it also saves you, our valued client, and time in editing. Our Fact Translations team then proofreads and edits the formatted document before it is passed to our project manager for final inspection to ensure that spelling, context and grammar are correct. Only when your translation has passed these rigorous checks can the document be forwarded to you as a completed assignment

Delta Millenium Logistics

Delta Millennium Logistics Company established in year 2010 future solutions computer Design Delta “M” is a premier information and technology service provider. As a fast growing and diversified group, for keeping the group’s identity future solution computer Design today we offers range information and technology products and services cover the entire gamut of project engineering from inception to commissioning to a wide array of customers in Afghanistan, and other neighboring countries. We focus completely on innovative technology, providing products &technologies from leading vendors and incorporating values in design, implementation and commissioning.

Altai Consulting Afghanistan

Over the past 6 years, Altai Consulting has conducted major research and consulting assignments in Afghanistan, Central Asia and the Middle East, for a range of donors, international organizations, private ventures and national governments. For more information, please visit our website: www.altaiconsulting.com The Consultant will work within the Altai Consulting - Aid & Development branch, on a research focusing on public service delivery and funding mechanisms for sub national government institutions in a number of pilot districts and provinces

Afghan Consulting and National Network

Consulting, Research, Survey, Evaluation, Management And Marketing

Afghan Commerce and Service Center Co. Ltd

Consulting, Marketing And Transportation

Alliott Gulf Ltd

Consulting, Accounting, IT Services And Auditing

Afghan Business Capacity Development

Consulting, Capacity Building, Marketing And Training Service

Human Resources and Management Services

Consulting, Management, Training And Human Rescuers

Afghan Globe Consultiency

Consulting, Human Resources, IT Services, Project Management, Business Solution

Access Business Solution

Consulting, Marketing And Business Plan Wr, Financial Management, Graphic Designing And Web Desi

Bawaar Consulting Group

Baawar was set up in 2008 in response to the growing need for support agencies in private sector development NGO, and line department of the Government that implement a wide range of projects and programs. Despite funding support and efforts at planning from donors,INGOs and Government , development outcomes are easy to achieve. Baawar specializes in providing support to implementers and donor agencies through a range of consulting, research, capacity building and turnkey implementation services. Information office Baawar Consulting Group . Qala- Fattullah . Kabul-Afghanistan

Business Management Consulting

Business Management Consulting is local registered firm, providing services on Management, Human Resource Consulting and Training, BMCis committed to providing leading edge HR infrastructure support and exemplary customer service leading to improved performance of an organization.

Noma Consulting

Noma Consulting is a new Afghanistan based consultancy specialized in strategy consulting, market and field research. Noma Consulting is looking for National Consultants to deliver high-quality projects for international clients.

Fadilat Consulting Group (FCG)

Fadilat Consulting Group (FCG) is one of the leading consulting companies in Afghanistan. Fadilat Consulting Group is an Afghan Canadian Partnership, bringing a blend of the west end the east to bring best solutions to its clients. FCG works in the areas of Business Development, Training and Capacity Development, Human Resources and Consultancy services. FCG is one of the official IFC/Business Edge partners for Afghanistan. FCG works with the Private Sector, Public Sector, and NGO's in brining in state of the art practices in project management and leadership to all its clients.

Paaya Construction Inc.

Paaya Consulting, Construction and Engineering firm is an Afghan based company established in 2007 with a region-wide reputation for providing quality design and construction services throughout Afghanistan. Paaya is a full service civil/structural engineering consulting firm with headquarters located in Kabul, Herat, Kunduz, and Jalalabad. We offer comprehensive design services to architects, owners, developers and contractors and have extensive experience with all types of commercial and domestic projects including military compounds and bases, buildings, parking garages, recreation facilities, schools, warehouses, medical buildings, barracks, DFAC's, fire oppression and sprinkler systems and utilities. We also offer unique design services in the areas of renovation/rehabilitation, due diligence reports for all types of building structures, tunnel formed concrete structures, and other special projects.